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more "wet" coughing and bringing stuff up question


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Hi All~

My mom will deny this but she is coughing more and the cough is more "wet" sounding and I think that she is bringing stuff up more.


Should she call her pulmonologist??

She just had scan results last week that showed stable all the way around. I'm not sure what this would be.


Kelly :D

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Hi Kelly,

I would have her call her doc, just to be on the safe side in case she has some sort of infection..and if she does,they can start antibiotics right away.

One of the questions the doc will need to know is *what color* is the stuff she is bringing up. Have your mom be sure to tell the doc any other symptoms she is having.

Hope all goes well.


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I surely am glad that you brought this up. I have always been perplexed about coughing. Coughing stuff up. What does it mean. Dry cough. Is it good or bad. Clicks, sputters, wheezes, and clangs. All the strange noises....sheesh!

Where does one go to read and figure all this out so that we can understand it and get educated about it, anyway.

I will be waiting to hear what this means, okay?

Thanks posting your question.

Cindi o'h

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I'm a big believer in checking things out when you have a question. I fear having regrets later, I suppose! Mom and I try to remember that not everything is cancer in her these days (sometimes it is just allergies, a plain ol' headached, etc.), but we'll worry about it until we know for sure.

I never feel dumb anymore to hear a dr say, "It is nothing"--I just feel relief!

Keep us posted.

:) Kelly

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Actually, infection may not be the "technicolor" stuff, and the colored stuff is not always indicative of an infection. It could be that all she needs is a good expectorant, but I would advise a call to the onc to be safe. Hope all turns out well, Teresa

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