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My Sister Has SCLC


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Hello, I found this wonderful group in June while doing hours and hours of internet research on Lung Cancer. When I found this group, I was really elated, due to all of the knowledge that is available here. My sister was dx in May with extensive sclc to the middle lobe and it is inoperable. She started etoposide and carboplatin, and I believe to date she has had four rounds.

I am mainly here to support her and anyone else that I can, fight this beast. She will be joining the group in a few days, and I'm sure she will put all of her stats in her profile.

We live 2-1/2 hours away from each other, but we talk on the phone frequently, and she even spent a pleasant week here with myself and my mother in June.

I guess I just wanted to come out and introduce myself instead of being a lurker, my heart goes out to all on this board. My sisters name is Linda, but I think she will be signing on as Cacgrammy.

Cancer is not new to our family. I have an Aunt that just had part of her lung removed due to the beast, and two other cousins that had to have radical mastectomies due to it. I was the primary caregiver to my mother in law in 1992 when she was dx with cancer to the liver,spread to lungs and brain. With the help of Hospice, we were able to take care of her here in our home. I'm sorry, I feel like I'm rambling on now. I'll be here to support anyone that needs it.


Mary (MarMar)

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Welcome, Mary. Although it's unfortunate you had to find us, we are very glad to have you and Linda on board. This group is a wonderful source of information, friendship and support.


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Hi Mary. Welcome to the boards, although I wish you didn't need to find us in the first place. I love taht you call cancer the beast because I agree...it is just that. I hate how it robs us of what is normal and we have to live like this rollercoaster up and down, up and down. I pray thatyou find peace among the worry, and that your sister is granted the miracle of healing. God bless,


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Thank You for the warm welcome everyone. My sister has been back to see her oncologist and has had catscan and MRI in the last few weeks. It shows some shrinkage of the lung mass and no signs of the cells that were on her liver. However, after that Dr. visit, she had to go in for a transfusion. Her level was down to 7?? I don't understand what the #7 means.

Just this morning I talked to her and she had blood work done yesterday and her levels are down to 8. Dr. say's if it goes any lower, another transfusion. Is there something she can be doing or not doing to help with these low numbers? I do know she recieves a shot to keep her levels up, ( sorry, don't know the name of the med). This is all still new and confusing to my sister, so when we talked today, I suggested she take our oldest sister in as her advocate, and have her take notes for her. We all love her very much and want to help her in anyway possible.

She is Not recieving radiation, Dr. say's thats not an option with her.

Her current stats on on my first post.

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My husband just had a blood transfusion the other day due to low red cell blood counts, it's the cumulative effects of his chemotherapy. It is not unusual for that to happen. She probably is receiving Arenesp (sp) for her red cells. Neulastra shot is for the white cells. Also they watch her platelets, my husband has had a platelet transfusion as well. I unfortunately have learned alot about treatment of sclc because of my husband, so I hope I can answer any ?'s you may have.

I think it is a great idea for you or your other sister to advocate for you sis. and of course ask lots and lots of questions not only from the doctor, but nurses, nurse practitioner, social worker.. all that are involved in her care.

In terms of her radiation, my husband had WBR (whole brain radiation) because he had developed mets. in his brain, please note that sclc can for many people travel to the brain. So you want to ask her dr. about PCI (Profolactic Cranial Irradiation) as a preventative measure for any brain mets.

( you may want to look at my profile to see all that my husband has been through - it is a constant battle)....


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