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Mom got the call from the Dr. today and she is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday August 16th at 6:15 am. The Dr. said she will have to stay overnight and should be able to go home on Thursday if all goes well. I'm not sure what type of surgery they are going to perform, but if she will be released the next day I don't think it is that invasive.

The Dr. did say he wanted her to go in for a PET Scan on Saturday to make sure her lungs are still clear. I think she is more nervous about the PET Scan then the upcomming surgery.

The Dr. also said that the pressure is the reason why she is experiencing weakness on her left side, but since she has been taking steroids her strength is coming back. She is starting to sound like her self again. Her voice still sounds a little tired but I know that is to be expected.

I will keep everyone up dated on what happens.

Thank you


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So glad you have a plan! My mom always feels better when she gets those steroids pumping...she gains weight, too, which is good for her! She was upset she couldn't do her chemo last week, mostly because she couldn't get the steroids associated with it. :lol:

Keep us posted. You and your mom are in my prayers.

:) Kelly

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