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Bad CT scan report


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Hello Everyone,

I just joined this support web site yesterday and have had many kind and helpful replys to my first posting. Thanks to all who responded.

We just received the CT report on my Sister and it is not good news. It appears that the Tarceva that my sister is on is not doing the job the docs had hoped. She was in the hospital for 2 days due to vomiting & infection and was released yesterday. Her regular doc was not doing hospital rounds so his partner gave her a brief rundown of the report. He also cancelled her next Tues. chemo treatment, took her off Tarceva, and set an appointment for her to meet with her regular doctor next Thursday.

Does this mean that they are giving up hope and taking her off all cancer meds and chemo? Is there another drug (like Tarceva) that may have a better effect? I know she has had many side effects that were making her miserable, but this seems extreme to me. She is 57, a never-smoker, athlete, and health nut. My sister's husband is a tremendous support to her, but I think he is getting so frightened that he may not be asking enough questions of the medical staff.

I live 2,000 miles away and want to see her now, but I'm waiting for my brother-in-law to give me the "go ahead". He told me he wants me to come, but says he'll need me more in a couple of weeks.

I've never felt more helpless or frightened in my life. Thank you all for letting me vent. Sis

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Sis: I doubt very much that they will permanently cancel all chemo. It sounds like the partner wants to give your sister a chance to recover from a reaction, probably to the gemzar. And if tarceva is not working, or the entire combo is not working, another targeted drug, avastin may work with a different chemo. Your sister's regular oncologist will most likey switch to a different chemo and maybe avastin.

If they should happen to send your sister home without further treatment, then it is time for a second opinion at a major comprehensive cancer center. Actually, it is always good to get a second opinion at any time.

Don M

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I agree completely with what Don has told you. I would imagine that the dr is wanting to give your sister a break in treatment to allow her to get some of her strength back after such a bad reaction.

IF they are stopping all treatment, get a 2nd opinion. Getting an opinion from a cancer center is an even better idea.

Please keep us posted....


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Hi Sis,

My limited understanding (I am also new to this situation) is that there are many options available for chemotherapy and other forms of treatment.

I agree 100% with the others. It definitley would seem the Dr. is giving your sister a break to let her system build up again before proceeding with an alternative treatment.

Hang in there. Your Sis has youth and good clean living on her side.

I will keep you and your Sis in my thoughts and prayers.

Warmest regards,


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I am in Greensboro NC let me know if I can help first of all. The info is god. The body sometimes needs a resrt to continue fighting. There are several options for most Cancer treatments. Wy late wife went to Etoposide after ete Tarceva Stopped working. That workesd for a while and she was supposed to start Alimta Avastin The day she passed away. She had 4 other Chemo regiments prior to passing. PM If I can help or you need to talk. Private Message is PM here Click on Mail button on top and address to RandyW.

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Sis -

Want you to know that I am thinking of you and your sister at this terrifying time...I am hopeful you will get better information and some peace of mind next Thursday...there are more combinations that they can try...don't give up. I do encourage you to go see your sister and brother-in-law...you will feel better...and I am sure your sister will as well.


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I just wanted you to know that you and your sister are in my prayers-I am sending you great thoughts for positive results...

I also wanted to add that if your sis is on any drugs to help lower cholesterol tell her oncologist- they INTERFERE with Tarceva-explanation the oncologist gave us is that they are designed to target and filter from the blood large particles and Tarceva is in that 'large particle' category. My mom was on Tarceva and having GREAT results then her regular doc put her on Lipitor and Tarceva stoped working.

My mom is on Alimta now and it is working wonders, she also had great results with Iressa before that ..

anyway-sending you love and peace and tons of hugs!


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