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my dad


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:cry: My Dad has just been diagonsed with lung cancer the first of August. They tried treatment but it almost killed him last week. They told us it could be two weeks or longer. I am going to be one of his caregivers as I have just quit my job. My last day is September the 14th.. I need suggestions on how to cope with everything going on in my life. I have three boys. My husband just started a new job when all this started and is out of town except on weekends.


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Glad you found us. And sorry you needed to. Keep reading the posts and let us know how you are doing.


PS My only suggestion--if your boys are school aged, let the teachers know what is happening. I have been teaching a very long time and I always want to be available to help my children through traumas.

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Jodi, Let us know as much info as you can get OK? the more you and we know the better off everyone is. I know this is devastating right now. It takes a little time for the shock to sink in and reality take over. Why have they said 2 weeks? Is it that advanced? Ask questions and remember this is your Dads life here we are talking about. What treatments have the Oncologists tried. There are more than one available. The Doctors Do not know how long your Dad will live do not know. only God Knows for sure!! Ask about other treatments. Keep an organizer note book for notes from and for Doctors since you will be caregiver. If you do not Like ONCs answers there is always the Second opinion. REmember it is your Fathers Life here. If you do not advocate for him who will. Let us know when you can about treatments, Type of Cancer, as much info as possible. There are about 7 different Lines Of chemo for NSCLC available not just 1. Also any other conditions affecting Dads health.

Sending PRayers for everyone!!

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My suggestion is to tell people around you. And accept their offers for support. Maybe make a list so you can answer when people offer up a vague..if there is anything you need just let me know.

I was a zombie when my Dad was diagnosed in June. It bothers me a little now that I failed to get myself organized to put proper meals on the table. I just gave my boys a sandwich when they complained of hunger. I could have told this to the kind people who offered to help and maybe one of them would have been happy to send a dinner over to my family.

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