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While on my soapbox...


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OK - first and foremost let me preface this by saying that I realize the profound affect that lung cancer is having on non-smokers.

However, my dad is certain, and his doc did imply, that his lung cancer came from the years of smoking he did...so, I did something I probably shouldn't do....

I teach at South Dakota State University in the teacher education department, and on my first day of classes, while introducing myself, I discussed issues at the forefront of my life...my dad, my premature baby, etc.

Well, while talking about these things, I mentioned this site and all it has done for me and for my family. I told my students that I cared about them, and that if any one of them was a smoker, I cared that they did what they could to quit, because without a doubt it contributes to the possibility of being strapped into this horrible rollercoaster ride...I told my students that I would do anything I could to help them quit, and to contact me.

So far I have had 2 students contact me!!!!! I am so thrilled. I directed them to a step-down program through the Mayo clinic, with a promise to check in on them later.

I figure if I can affect one life this way, I have done some good from this beast.

God bless!


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What a fantastic thing you have done! You are an amazing lady with the most loving and generous heart. I wish I had known someone like you when I was wrestling with quitting. ( I am now closing in on 2 years, smoke~free)

Keep up the great work. I am sure you will have a very positive impact on more than one lucky student!

All the best,


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