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Hi,I am Bucky Alexan mom. They tod me yesterday after the biopsy that is the same cancer that had return.

How many of you had a recurrence. The Drs. are really positive but I am so scared & depress. I never spect for him to came back even when he was always in my mind.

Thanks bucky

2002 stag IB adreno

Surgery only

2006 recurrence in 2 lympnodes & some noudes in the pleura.

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Bucky I have a friend in town who had surgery 2 years ago. No chemo. REcurrence this year. Surgery and chemo nothing yet NED!! I'm also GBoro by airport. Late wife went through 5 rounds of chemo fighting every day so many bad and good memories. THink posititve. Sending Prayers PM if I can help out with anything. Can you do surgery and Chemo? Duke is excelllent facility. Had Dr ennever at Wesley long for 3 Years.

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Hi Bucky. I the upper lobe of my right lung removed

in June 2003 and was diagnosed as IB. I had 4 rounds of chemo (taxol and carbo). Finished the chemo in Nov 2003. I had CT scans every 3 mo. after that. In Nov 2004 the CT scan showed a small tumor in the upper lobe of my right lung (also IB) and then had another 4 rounds of chemo - gemzar and cisplatin that time. Both tumors were squamous cell (NSCLC). The second tumor could have been a new primary or mets from the first tumor. CT scans and PET scans haven't shown anything else - no lymph nodes were involved and no mets to anyplace else. My thinking is that if you can develop one tumor, why not two (or more :evil: )

There is still lots of hope for your mom. I've been fine since Nov 2004.

Is this second tumor operable? You might ask her doctor about chemo this time. Good luck to both of you.


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My first cancer was 4 by 5 cm in my upper left lobe. I had a lobectomy in Jan 2004. It was 1b and I had no chemo. In Feb 2005, I had the rest of my left lung removed. I had either a new primary or a recurrence of my original cancer. It was about 1.2 cm. I had 4 rounds of carboplatin/gemzar after surgery. In Early March, my third tumor was found on my right lung. It was either a new primary or a recurrence from my original tumor. It is 1.4 cm. I had it zapped with intent to kill using Image Guided Radiation Therapy and then had 4 rounds of alimta. I will find out in mid December if the treatment was successful (dead tumor and no new disease).

I really, really, really, really hope I don’t get any more of the nasty little buggers, but if I do, will just get more treatment.

Don M

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