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nervous wreck today


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My Mom has her appointment with the oncologist today, and he will let her know the results of the chest and brain and pelvic scans that he did. I am so nervous. My mom has been on taxotere for one cycle, after having successfully been on Iressa for 2 years until she progressed.

Today we'll find out if the chemo is working, and if not, what the next step is.

Please pray for my Mom, she has been depressed and not very optimistic the last few weeks.



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Thanks for your prayers and good wishes.

We don't know whether the chemo is working or not (too early, I know that Don mentioned that he was surprised that they would scan her after one cycle), but the CT scan was taken because she had very acute pain during the last cycle and had to go to the hospital. But, thank God, the brain scan was clear, and there is no spread outside the lung, and the pain is now better and doesn't appear to be cancer related. Basically the doctor is planning to keep her on chemo for 6, 3 week cycles, the next step after that will be Tarceva.

My Mom felt much better after her appointment yesterday, especially since she saw her oncologist who has been treating her for more than 2 years and who she trusts and feels very comfortable with. The last visit he couldn't make it to her appointment and another doctor came in his place and made the decision to switch her to chemo, so my Mom felt bad that someone who didn't know her made the big decision to take her off Iressa, but it sounds like it was the right decision.

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