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Getting to Know You - October 18


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Courage, I am an A#1 scarty cat. Opened my garage door the other day and 3 mice ran out. Now I almost bang pots together before I go into the garage.

I live alone, and if I hear a noise I ignore it. What I don't see can't hurt me, right????

Just a very small example of why I need courage.

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This is a great question.

I think courage, courage to take on the Pink Ribbon

and replace it with a ribbon for Lung cancer. To have

the courage to speak up and speak out about what we

all deal with on a daily basis. Whether we are fighting the disease,

or caring for a loved one with the disease.

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I have too much heart and people hurt me too much. I also have too much courage and try to do everything by myself.

A brain would have helped me not make so many stupid decisions and would allow me to get a grip on the heart and the courage.

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