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MRI from Thurs showed another brain tumor, the fourth one. So am back on 4mg of decadron three times a day. I hate decadron. Seems to have minimal effect on my brain edemas since two of the others had more swelling.

I was extremely disappointed amd had to do a lot of crying. I didn't get so upset about the other three tumors but was crushed about this one. I have been taking care of our grandson three days a week and realize this will probably mess things up big time. I think that is one reason i was so upset. I have so many blessings to thank God for that I think about the myriad of good things in my life. That changes my whole outlook. God is great and merciful in all things. Appreciate you all, especially you Don Wood. I think about you and Lucy often and always say a prayer for you. pammie

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Hi Pammie,

I just got info on my brain lesions - there is edema and also necrosis. At this point they are just having me wait and see. I hate decadron, so for now we are not doing it. I had an awful withdrawal from it and hope to never go there again.

For my tumors, they used radio surgery. This is the second treatment for brain tumors. The first worked well and they presume this will eventually be fine.

Good luck.


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