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Suzie Q

"Fess up, Cindi!

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As I understand things, for some reason I have acquired the right to issue fines. Surely, this incident justifies a high fine. Start saving your money Cindi. Then again, if she won the lottery, she isn't worrying about such things.


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It's me, Cindi o'h!

I haven't figured out how to log onto my own account just yet!

I am in Dayton, Ohio with Haylee and her kids, husband, dogs, cats and Miss Luna!

They came to get me Saturday, loaded up the U-haul and brought me all the way to Ohio to be a part of their extended family! I am Auntie Cindi o'h now.


The trip and moving was a bit rugged on my poor body so I have had to rest up and get a second wind. I did pretty good though.

More later... Sorry to keep you all waiting for ice. I will get back behind that bar and keep your glasses filled pronto..must Carry On!

(I do adore all of you and your imaginings!)


Cindi o'h

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