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treatment for now.


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Hi All,

I have now seen the two neurosurgeons (one spine, one brain) and my oncologist. It appears that I have some edema and necrosis as the result of my radiosurgery. He thinks all is fine and progress is normal. I do still have a leg problem - a little weakness now and then. Neither the neuro nor the onc seems too concerned with it.

The spine MRI did show a few possible new metastasis,

but they're hoping the Zometa will keep them at bay.

The CT showed no change. The doctor wants to try Tarceva - which I have been reluctant to take due to side effects. I have three weeks off and then we'll try Tarceva. During the time off, he wants me to see a dermatologist about a rash I have on my ears and head.


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Hi Mary,

I'll keep my fingers crossed that the Zometa takes care of the spine mets. As for Tarceva, I've been taking it for 7 months now and I just feel better and better every day. Aside from the usual facial rash (which is now under control), I haven't suffered from any other side effects. Its a definite joy not having to go for chemo treatments.

I hope your treatments go well and I'll continue sending out prayers for you.


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Mary, I've been taking Tarceva on and off since January 2006. It comes in different strengths and my oncol currently has me on the lowest (25 mg). True I had a lot of side effects at the highest dose but very few side effects with this dosage. Nothing I can't handle.

If the side effects are very bad, your dr might lower the dosage.

So far I have been stable for the past year.

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