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Decadron was the monster that kept alan awake. As

for me the caregiver, everything keeps me awake, so

I take ambien and that works.

Now that Alan is through all his treatments that man

can sleep anytime, anyplace and through anything!!!

As for eating, I wish I could say it gets better, but

Alan is 1 year post treatment and eating and food flavor are a constant battle. Nothing taste good.

As for the pot, if it works use it, just might be able to fall asleep with a full stomach :wink:

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Why is it I am so intrigued by this post!? Haha. Anyway, my dad most certainly had the phlegm ball. It is weird you would describe it that way, because he tried so hard to describe it and that was usually all he could come up with...he always felt really successful when he could get that ball to come up...how odd though that it would simply reappear again!

Now though, it has gone away, and he is back to eating and enjoying eating...even if his stomach is shrunk to about nothing.

Good luck!


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Two-part post:

Part I - A note of clarification regarding medical marijuana laws:

Several states do have medical marijuana laws, my own state included. With a prescription, states allow it to be legally obtained and used in small amounts, but of course you must check your own state laws and it is important to be aware that state laws do not override federal law.

I found the following article informative. It appears accurate and unbiased, i.e., does not seem to promote use of marijuana (or oppose it either): http://www.rand.org/pubs/research_brief ... ndex1.html

Note that it says, "While such provisions appear to provide broad access to medical marijuana, they are still subordinate to the federal Controlled Substances Act." This means that while state laws may be more permissive than federal, the federal government's position has not changed, and thus it can still prosecute individuals, and their physicians, for using medical marijuana. So Katie is right - it is illegal.

Part 2 - Non-pharmacological sleep remedies:

There are many sleep remedies, including good ole fashioned antihistamines (not the non-drowsy kind.) The drugs have been mentioned. Non-drug sleep remedies include:

  • 1. avoiding alcohol and stimulants like coffee, black tea, green tea, cola and chocolate in the evening
    2. avoiding exercise or any kind of physical activity in the evening
    3. setting a bedtime and a wake-up time and sticking to them as closely as you can - don't be tempted to try "making up for" lost sleep
    4. using your bed only for sleeping and sexual activity
    5. getting out of bed at night when you can't sleep - then returning to bed only when you think you can fall asleep
    6. avoiding naps more than 10-15 min. in length during the day
    7. drinking herbal tea before bed (Sleepytyme is one on the market that comes to mind; chamomile-containing) or warmed milk (it works!) - also eating a small amount of turkey may help due to its tryptophan content
    8 avoiding large evening meals (for those of you who can eat a large meal...)
    9. putting a dab of essential lavender oil on a tissue in your pillowcase
    10. carefully controlling light and noise
    11. maintaining a "sleeptime routine" e.g., brushing teeth, putting on pajamas, grabbing your teddy bear :) etc.

Sweet dreams, everyone! - Teresa

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Teresag is right about the laws. Frankly, I find them totally absurd. They didn't think twice when prescribing me oxycontin and ativan but marijuana?! No way. Your head will rotate 360 degrees and green ooze will secrete from your ears. Don't touch that stuff, just pop some hillbilly heroin (ocycontin).

I'm a criminal defense lawyer. I know the risks (its not really anything in new york city) and I'm taking them in a futile attempt at political resistance. Maybe we can try to get decriminalization in new york with Spitzer coming in and all. I mean, what an awful PR move: to put some bald, pale and thin cancer survivor in cuffs for marijuana? That would be great for us actually (us = the decriminalization people).

Funny thing is, I am not sure marijuana is for me. I get paranoid and a little delusional (not good for a stage IV!!! you hear me?).

Anyway, I would be honored to represent any cancer survivor prosecuted for marijuana. If you're in New York and are worried about what can happen, private message me and we'll talk about the scenarios.

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Some laws really make me crazy. I mean for some states to say you can use it for medical purposes,(yes, it gives you an appitite and makes you tired) but it is illegal as far as the Federal government. I don't recall anybody going out and committing a heinous crime on it. But gee drink alcohol, get drunk... enough said.

There was a case on 20/20 where it was legal in a state and a person who was terminal with cancer grew it in his back yard. The Federal government stepped in and arrested him. Gave him some ridicules sentence maybe life I am not sure... like how much life did he have left and he has to spend it behind bars. Tragic.... What's wrong with this picture...

again enough said. :roll:


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In an exchange tht is now famous around my little Catholic school, the mother of one of my former students--genuinely concerned about Mom's health--asked if I had ever looked into marajuana. Try having that conversation in the hall outside the principal's office! I knew she was trying to be kind and helpful, but it was a bit awkward.

Partway through the conversation it dawned on her what she was saying and she started backpeddling. Too late--fellow teachers ask if she is my 'connection' on the green market!

Doesn't answer the question, but the topic reminded me of that.

:) Kelly

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