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Finally saw my new primary care provider. He set up the appointment with the oncologist for Wednesday. I'll have to travel a couple of hours to see them but that's okay as long as they get something going. Don't know how this is going to work when I start the treatments though. Hopefully I'll be able to drive back and forth without to much trouble. They may decide to have my stuff done here in Fayetteville and only go to Durham when I need to be seen by the ONC. I'll let you all know after Wednesday's meeting.


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So glad you checked in -- as you know, I've been thinking about you.

You are probably best to have the chemo done locally and visit the oncologist in-between. I'd hate to think of you driving that distance regularly once chemo gets going.

Good luck with the Wednesday appointment and let us know the game plan.

Warmest regards,


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Well at least you finally know what you are dealing with Ralph. I hope the onc and you kill it dead.

I had the cancer in my remaining lung zapped with image guided radiation therapy and then did follow-up chemo. I had a smallish tumor that lent itself very well to being killed by focused radiation. I think you can do this kind of radiation even if you maxed out on conventional radiation. It targets the tumor only. You might ask the onc about it at your meeting.

Don M

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