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Asking for Prayers


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Tim went in today to have fluid removed from his chest. The fluid was in the space where the lung used to be; is that a plurel effusion? I always thought it meant fluid around the remaining lung. Anyway, Tim has not been feeling great. Still having the problems with vomiting (from both ends :oops: ) and went in for hydration on Tuesday and he complained about being short of breath. Of course his oxygen level is 99, but he was a bit wheezy. The did an Xray and called us this morning to come in and have it tapped.

They let me come in and watch. They did an ultrasound and then tapped his back area but didn't get much out. Of course they are testing it for cancer cells-that's where the prayers are needed!! Fingers crossed and everything else that moves.

They said his cavity had honeycombed and the areas are little compartments, so they would have to tap him over and over--so they just took about 1 1/2 cups or so. He said he didn't feel to much change in his breathing, so I don't know how much this will help. Time will tell.

They said they will have the results tomorrow, so I'll let you all know how it goes. Thanks.


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I am not a one lunger but I understand since you can not an empty cavity , when you remove an entire lung that space has fluid colllect. If there is still remaining lung on the operative side they put a chest tube to keep the space empty so that the remaining lung can expand and fill the space. So if he had an entire lung removed yes it is normal to have fluid in that space. Hope and pray your results are good news Donna G

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Annie, Buddy always stays he is short of breath but yet the meter always would read 97/98 and the oxygen person always would say great. Buddy would say those people are nuts and the meter is not really showing how hard it is to breath. He always wishes they could be inside him to see what it takes to breath....

Hope everything turns out okay with Tim when he gets the fluid out. I asked the dr after the operation what about the area where you took out the lung, what happens in that space. He too said it will fill up with liquid.

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Tim's been down before and has managed to bounce back, so I am praying this will be the case again, and that there will not be any cancer cells in the tapped fluid. I'm just over the hill (Snoqualmie Pass). Is there anything I can do for you? Love and hugs your way...let us know.

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