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Well, at least I know what it is...


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Well. Doc called with results - Biopsy determined nonsmall cell lung cancer, stage IB about 4.1 cm – recommends surgery and referred me to oncology although based on what I have read and seen here, perhaps a second opinion is now in order. Although I am a bit numb and shocked, I can’t say I am too surprised. Up to the age of 35, I lived a fairly rough lifestyle, drinking, smoking…etc – some days I am surprised I have made it to 47 aside from the cancer.

Like Don say’s – “It is what it is” – hope you don’t mind I swiped that Don? – perhaps we need t-shits with red lettering – any advice or suggestions regard my diagnosis would be much welcomed – thanks to you folks at least I now know this is not a death sentence – which is how I would have taken it had I not found you guys - Thanks

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A second opinion is always a go idea. You are not too far from Sloan Kettering in New York, just a short trip. I went there for a second opinion. They are rated number one.

It sounds like you have found it early and will be able to remove it surgically.

Stay positive, :D:lol:


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I am in agreement with the others. Second opinions on pathology slide, ocologist and surgeon. This is a very big deal. You want the best on your side and you want accuracy in diagnosis and treatment plan and ultimately treatment and long time survival.

Video assisted thoracosopy/thoracotomy. Have you heard of it? Now is the learning time for all of your options. There may be many available to you.

Best to face the beast head on and armed for battle with the best generals.

We are here for you~

Cindi o'h

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Stay positive.....early 2005 I was diagnosed with NSCLC stage 1A...2.5cm. Had the surgery at Fox Chase in Philadelphia on 4/20/2005 and so far am cancer free and doing well. I too was a heavy drinker, smoker most of my life and wasn't too surprised when I was diagnosed at age 59. QUit the booze 18 years ago and sadly enough I still smoke occasionally!! How stupid am I?

Anyhow if there is anything I can tell you about the surgery please do not hesitate. Let us know how you are doing. We all care very much. Best of luck and God bless you.

Bill in PA

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The same thing happened to me. I had an incidental finding on a chest xray that was just a routine thing, and then ended up with an upper left lobectomy.

My advice to you would be to go to the very best cancer treatment hospital you can get to, follow their recommendations, and get that mass out of there.

I also was a stage 1B, which, by the way, for you, won't be definite until after surgery and lymph node dissection, and had the adjuvant chemo. I do not regret that decision at all.

If you want more details about what happened with me, PM me. I also was 47 years old when this happened, was never that much of a drinker, but smoked about the same length and amount as you did.


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