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Am I thankful?


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Today is Christmas day for us........our daughter is coming from Boston this morning and on Sunday we are all leaving to go to my SIL's family in NJ so I'm cooking dinner and we're exchanging our gifts today. We'll do it all again on Monday but with an Italian dinner instead.

This morning I woke up early as usual and decided this was my time to get moving on dinner. I was well under way by 6:30, I'd had my breakfast, read the paper, the dressing was made, vegetables prepared, and now for the clean-up.

On went the tap and flipped the disposal switch - it worked like a charm until the sink was empty but it continued to swirl the water around and around and around!

I swore like a longshoreman, this always happens when we have company coming or I'm pressed for time, my DH was sitting having his breakfast and chuckled at my plight........don't laugh too long says I, if I can't free it you're going to be working under this sink before you go to work!!!

End of the story was that I couldn't free it, so out comes the bucket and the chopped up food shot out like cannon fire and went everywhere. This time I did not do my longshoreman imitation, I figured keeping my mouth shut would keep Richard working at it.

Now I'm sincerely hoping that this is not a taste of the rest of my day, too much to do to be fixing broken stuff as well. Everything else is ready, just have to cook the food which get's me to the crux of all this.......as much as it pissed me off to be cleaning up pulverised vegetable peelings at 7am this morning how wonderful is it that I'm here for another Christmas. My SIXTH since I was diagnosed when I'm sure a lot of people wrote me off and were surprised to get a card from me the next year and the next year and.....

Well it's 7:50am, I'm going to get myself cleaned up and be happy that firstly I had that food to clean up this morning but mostly that I'm still here to do it.

Merry Christmas everyone.


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Geri....Merry Christmas to you, my friend. I love your ability to always find something to be light hearted and laugh about!!!

PS...Have you tried the littel reset button on your disposal?

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Hopefully the only thing with projectile vomit today will be the vegetable peels from the garbage disposal. Heck, you got the bad stuff over with first, enjoy the day! (I'm at work and leaving early because I'm on the top floor and the elevator repairs are starting today - for some reason, they don't want the legal department getting mushed...)

Happy holidays! I'll be doing all that stuff on Monday, will take your experience into consideration and buy a pre-made veggie tray so as NOT to have peeling issues... ;)

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The disposal was working fine the problem was with the outlet pipe, it stopped up at the first bend and nothing would budge it.

I tried the stopper in both sinks trick which usually clears it - this was when Richard started laughing as I was holding the disposal stopper in place and trying to reach the switch which was just within my reach. All the time doing my longshoreman imitation.

I think our plumber must have been having a particularily off day when he did the kitchen fixtures as this happens all the time!!

I think it's time to move!!


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Well, I'm still looking for MY little red button!!!! Where the he#$ is it??? I don't think I have one!

Now relax and have a blessed holiday celebration the four of you! Just think, Geri, on Monday when all of US are using our disposals, you will be relaxing and having someone ELSE wait on YOU! Way to go.....sure planned that right!



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Ohhhhh, ho-ho-ho, ain't Christmas fun!!

You crack me up. I'm wondering about that little red reset button???!! All we have is an allen-wrench type thingie that you climb under the sink and stick in the disposal and hope like hell it breaks the clog when you crank it.

Tony ALWAYS warns me about putting too many potato peels down the disposal at one time, so your posting really made me laugh. :lol::lol::lol:

Good day to you and may all of your flying food particles be merry!


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