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Back to wonder!!!


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It was a good Christmas with good laughs and good food.......

But the worry and wonder never really stops now does it?!

My Dad .... just before his radiation started he had the runs, this is May. They worsened during and after radiation. All the standard tests were done and the runs were not of an infection, parisites or anything of that nature.

Around August (well after radiation) he started to whinse in pain while eating ...... he went to a stomach specialist this past week. My sister said everywhere they touched on his stomach he moaned in pain, some louder than others. Then came the internal, from the hallway she heard my Dad howl in pain for that. She also brought it to our attention (and the specialist) that he can be heard moaning in pain briefly. But by the time she goes over to see what's happening, it's passed and he's saying "I'm fine, just my stomach is sore".

Yes there is colan cancer in his family, one cousin with a 6" tumour around the same age as my Dad. That's all he needs ......... they'll do a colanoscopy to find out more ... in Feburary!!!! In the reading I've done when this all started didn't say anything about a spread to intestines etc. However I can't see it being completely impossible!

Poor guy just can't catch a break ......... and we don't know if he's just being stubborn and ignoring it, high tolerance for pain, or his "sick of being sick" attitude. Most likely a bit of everything each at some point of the day.

But he didn't care about pain for that turkey .... he went for seconds and was happy for it. Yum Yum! I don't know what to do with this information or any new "threats"? At this point I'm unsure if I want to know more myself. I'm really getting sick of wondering of what this or that might be, there's too many senerio's to choose from ........... I just want him to be comfortable through it all and without additional upset.

I know, dream on ........... but it's a pleasant thought!

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Any reason why he can't ave a CT scan or ultrasound of the abdomen? I would be concerned about being put off until February. Surely they can investigate this further!

As an aside, is he by chance constipated? That can cause a lot of belly pain, too. My MIL was hospitalized with that recently.


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Oh the ultra sound and stuff was done at the office, and he's not constipated ... he's had the runs since May. Feburary was the earliest appointment they could get him in. Of course it's if the heart specialist authorizes the small amount of anistetic needed to do the colonoscopy. The family doctor doesn't see a problem with it, but he has to get the final OK from the heart specialist.

I remember myself and watching small children being told "you can't do this or that, your too little ......" Remember how agrivating that was? I don't doubt that's what he's feeling all over again! Everytime he turns around someone is telling him he's sick with "this" .... but he can't do anything ...... cause he's too sick with "that"!

It's amazing that he hasn't just mentally crashed from that roller coaster alone! All this guessing .... meanwhile we're actually just tiddering back and forth on the fence post ... just wondering and patiently waiting for "whatever"????!

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