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Completed My frist week of treatment both Radiation & C


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I want to thank all of you for the support, It was not as bad as I thought it would be, the 5xwkly Rad and 1xwkly chemo. It did seen like an long time about 3 hours of chemo. I didn't have many side effects from it, I just hopes this works for me. I plan to return to work in about an week, I want to work 4 days wkly, just taken off the days I have both Chemo & Radiation, due to the distance I have to drive to the clinics.

Again thank you

Terry Bones

(Tbones) :lol:

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Hi Terry, I see your docs have a good plan to shrink and then remove the tumor. This is excellent news that you are tolerating treatments so well. You are very strong.

I know some people get Chemo on Friday afternoons and radiation early mornings. That way they can work M-Th, but it is hard. The chemo and radiation really started to tire me out beginning week 5. So eat up, rest up best you can now and hope reserves will carry you through those last treatments.

Prayers, Barb

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I'n glad you're doing ok. My husband has found that working about 4 days weekly, and some weeks 3 days (if not feeling too well) is about right. Keep an open mind as this moves forward about how much you can work, and be flexible with yourself when it is just not feasible.

Thanks for keeping us posted. Mary Colleen

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Glad the chemo/radiationwasn't too much. The radiationdoes catch up and hit you again later - just being tired.

I have the luxury of working part time - at my choice of schedule, from home. But I did find that sleep was something I need more of than before cancer. Not sure if it's the cancer or the treatments.

Do try to schedule some extra sleep. And be aware that the radiationhits a second time - for me it was about 2 months after the radiation.

Best wishes.


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I am very glad to hear that chemo went okay for you. It sounds like your doctors have you on the treatment path that leads to surgery, recovery, adjuvant chemo and NED (No Evidence of Disease). God Bless you and your family. Be sure to drink lots of water while on chemo. Just make it a habit to have a water bottle with you all of the time. Prayers


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