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A friend told me about all of you, I'm thrilled to be here.


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My Dad was diagnosed with limited SCLC in July, the worse day of my life. He has been through all of his chemo and had his last radiation treatment last Friday. We are now just waiting for the CT scan in a few weeks. He had originally finished up with everything a few weeks ago and the CT scan showed 90-95% gone. The Dr. asked if he would be willing to do 2 more radiation treatments and he did. I was thrilled with the 90-95% gone, but would love to hear totally gone. My father is 62 years old. He was a weight lifter most of his life and a hard worker and a smoker. I never saw him cry more than a handful of time in my whole life, but boy did all that change when he was diagnosed. It seemed all of our worlds change from that minute. My husband, my 2 boys ( 9 and 13) live upstairs and my parents live downstairs. There has NEVER been a problem with that in the 19 years that we have lived here. I personally have been thrilled that I was right here through all of this. He never was sick throughout his chemo or rad. and seemed to sail right through it. My mother and father are constantly worried about it returning or showing somewhere else. I try to live by the saying each day is what you make it. I still cry most days and my mother too, but I guess that is all to be expected. My father has great days and days that aren't so great, butI heard him talkling to 1 of his friends yesterday and really got laughing, that just made my heart smile. I so appreciate finding a place like this with a bunch of great people. Nancy I thank you a bunch for emailing me this site. I have looked around a lot and have read much. Thank You!!!

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So glad you found us. Please let your Dad know there are many SCLC survivors here on the board. I went thru chemo and radiation in April-June 2002. They knocked out the tumor and I've been NED ever since! That's 4 1/2 years of no return of disease, Deenee! Tell your Dad about that :lol: That should make him laugh!

I'm sure you'll be hearing from alot of us. There IS HOPE. DON'T GIVE UP!

Joanie ((()))

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Welcome Deenee! I know exactly how you felt the day of your Dad's diagnosis. I quickly got into research mode and learned everything I could about the cancer and that's how I found this site :D .

My Dad was diagnosed over two years ago and he's still going strong. There is hope!

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I am so sorry that you had to find us, but I am so, so thankful that you did. Congrats to you and your dad for his positive treatments! What great news. I know how you feel, as my dad has SCLC as well. It is such a heartwrenching disease. I HATE that we are all on this rollercoaster.

Please know you have my prayers and my positive thoughts!


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Welcome Deenee,

It seems your dad is doing fairly well with his treatments. I hope the scans give you great results. Lung cancer changes everyone but we call it the "new" normal. Its never the same but can be great to be alive and many lessons can be learned.

Again, welcome to our group.


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Hello Deenee and welcome

So sorry you had reason to find a site such as this, but very glad that you have joined us.

Please let us know how we can help you and your family out. As you can see already there are many wonderful people on this site who will give you answers, advice, support and most importantly, hope.

My best to you


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