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I just want to say thanks for everyones words of encouagement and all the helpful info that you have all been offering over the past 4 months. Im not sure how people make it thru this awful thing called lung cancer without someplace like this. I hope that at some point i can help to support someone else and maybe make things a little easier for them.

I wanted to let you all know a great idea my daughter and niece had... for my moms wake last night they made some white ribbons with some printed cards attached that had some lung cancer facts and info on them. The girls said that they didnt want "Mimi's" passing to be for nothing and if they could inform even 1 person then that would be a good thing. By the end of the evening there were so many people wearing white ribbons and talking about cancer that i was amazed.

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ya got me crying this morning and that ain't easy. What a beautiful and thoughful thing to do even in the midst of pain and sorrow. Sending prayers for peace and tranquility today and always. We are here if and when you need us. This is a turn in the roadthat sometimes has bumps and potholes. We are here always and Thank you. :(:)

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Crystle.............some how your news escaped me and I am so genuinely sorry. God bless your daughter and niece for their heartfelt sincerity in helping all of us here spread the word. They are special young ladies, indeed. I hope we can continue to offer you support in the coming days, months, and more. And I feel certain you will be able to offer the same to others when your time is right.


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