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My Mom was diagnosed 2w ago!


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Hi Everybody,

my mom is in Brazil, what is very frustating, as I am here in Ithaca-NY, doing my Ph.D. She has been diagnosed with SCLC Stage IV 2 weeks ago, and started her treatment with Etoposide + Cisplatin this Monday (04/02/07). I'll be arriving in Brazil on April 26, so until there, the only thing which I can do is pray, and learn more about SCLC. Her name is Esmeralda, and she is 54 years old.

Thanks in advance for everybody,

Leonardo Teixeira

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Thanks Ginny, Ernie, Trish, and Shelley for the fast reply and support.

Finding this LCSC was the best thing that happened to me. I was really down...

The most important thing about my mom that I think will make the real difference is her happiness!

I’ll keep you posted.

Again thank you very much for the support and words, they are very important!


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Thanks everybody again!

I am in Brazil since April 26th, and will be here until June 4th. Glad to have a good and comprehensive advisor!

My mon wen on her second round of chemo last week, and is feeling very well, if wasn't for the hair, I could not say that she has something. Her cough, which was the reason for the exams which found the tumor completelly stoped. On this week here, if I saw her coughing 3 times was too much!

As she wasn't very happy with her hair, and everybody was saying that we looked the same, I shaved my hair to look like her! I think she liked, as she is now inviting me to go everywhere with her, just to show me, and ask if we look similar! I'll post a photo later!

She will do the blood counts, and the X-ray tomorrow, I'll post the news later!

Again thanks everybody for the support and prayer,


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Sorry for the long silence.

In Brazil I was not having time for anything, then when I came back, the boss is letting me very busy also!

Well, I have very good news! When I was in Brazil, my mom made the x-ray, after the 2nd round of chemo. The tumor had shrunked around 60%. Now, after the 5th round, she made another lung x-ray, and they are clean! We are very, very happy with the news.

After the 6th and last chemo round, she'll make a CT scan.

She just started to feel strong nauseas after the 4th round. Until the 3rd one, she was just feeling small nauseas during the morning, and that is it.

She gain 14 pounds since she was diagnosticated. She is eating everything and a lot. Even with me trying to convice her to not worry about that, she decided to just control a little bit on the desert. Does anybody experience weight gain also?

For a month and a half now, she started to go half period to work in our family store in Brazil. This really made the difference, because she was starting to feel depressed of being all the time at home. So now, she wakes up go to work, come back home with my dady to have lunch, take a 30 minutes nap, come back to work and stays until she gets tired/bored, then my dady takes her home. This is being AMAZING for her mental health!!

After every chemo round, her count cells fall in the middle of the break, and goes up again in the first day of the next round, just having lower lows every time, but recovering well.

Again thanks all for the support and even not giving fast feedbacks, I continue to read and pray for all of us.


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Hi Leo!

I'm so happy to hear about the great news for your Mother, and about the wonderful support she has in you and your Dad. You sound happy, too, which is also very important and wonderful to hear.

Success with your PhD! I went to school in Ithaca, too, so I know there are lots of beautiful places and gorgeous scenery to pray in when in need.

Take care, keep up the great work and keep us posted.


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Hey everybody,

Sorry for a long time without updates! I was waiting for all the news!

After the Chemiotherapy, all exams showed that the tumor was gone! She finished the PCI, and everything went smooth as well!

She didn't feel much the collateral effects, and what most bothered her, was her hair in the beginning. Now, she adopted it, and said that will keep it like that for at least a year more!

We were/are very happy with the results, and just to have an idea of how well she managed the treatment. She loves to dance, and one day after the last Chemio section, she and my daddy went out to dance. Of course she felt nausea, but she didn't stop to do what she likes!

My wife and I are having our first daughter, which will be born in January. My parents applied for a visa, to come by the delivery date, but their visa was denied, because my mom had cancer, and this could pose a problem for the country! Well, you can imagine how she felt! For the first time I heard her voice in a very sad tone, since the beginning of the treatment. She will apply for the visa again in 3 months, if the embassy deny again, as soon as the baby have an age to travel abroad, we are going there, as we anticipated our plans to have a baby in 6 months, just to give more hope and happiness to my mom, after the diagnosis!

Thanks for everybody support, and I try to keep you guys updated more often this time!!

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