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Update: My Mom

Beth R

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Hello All,

My mom just finished the 7th cycle of chemo. Things had gotten very very bad, and in 3 weeks she went from using a walker to a wheelchair. How can this be happenning this quickly? Is it the chemo? The cancer?

My sister was able to figure out that somehow it was an oversight that radiation had not been done to her hip. She starts radiation, 30 treatments every day, beginning tomorrow.

I am on the West Coast, and Mom is in the midwest. I have gone to Ohio for one week, once a month since she has been diagnosed. Will go back east on 21 April.

I feel very panicked and every day is unresolved. She sounds so weak, and life is so hard for her and my stepdad who is her caretaker.

What is also very odd, is that I am a social worker, and all of a sudden last month, I started getting brochures for a training called "When Parents Die." I thought I should go to it, but then reassessed and figured it was not such a good idea.

I wonder if I had received those brochures in the past, but had paid no attention? (I work in domestic violence, but get all kinds of training brochures)

I am really scared. I am also wondering how Flowergirlie is doing.


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It sounds like your mom is getting the same chemo cycle as I did, three weeks on and one week off. I had Tarceva along with the chemo. Now they use Avastin as well. You might ask about one of these drugs. The chemo can have some very good results.

Stay positive, :)


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My heart goes out to you..it truly is a scary time and thank goodness we are able to come here and share our fears and feelings.

Chemo kicked my ma's butt and her energy level was practically zero but she did get her strength back.

Hopefully, your mom will as well.

Your mom is in my prayers.

Take care of you, too..ok!


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I know and have experience that feeling of fear you're talking about. I have learned that it's ok to feel fear, but don't bow down to it. Keep moving and do everything you can for your mother. I like what Ernie always says "Stay Positive" and trust God.


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I am sorry your mom is experiencing all of this discomfort. I know that towards the latter chemo treatments, my hubby also experienced increased physical weakness as well as exhaustion but it did subside after a week or so...Chemo is such intense chemicals though and the affects are greater than just killing cancer. It really takes a toll on every aspect of your being and then seems to subside. Radiation can have some noticeable side effects as well.

I am so sorry your mom is going through this! I wish I could make cancer go away. It is such a horrid disease.

About the brochures, I noticed the severity of cancer commercials and anything cancer related and it seemed like I had rarely seen them before so maybe it is because you are more conscious of it now. But, it is important to appreciate every day as much as is possible and let your loved ones know how much they mean to you.

I am doing OK and thanks for your kind gesture of thought. I just have to take it one moment at a time and keep on loving my dear sweet hubby in our endless memories.

Take Care...Flowergirlie

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