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LCSC Friendship Pass!! UPDATED with PICS


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I am soooo excited, on Thursday I am leaving for Seattle to meet our very own Andrea B. (lives 2 hours from Seattle), Natalie (lives in Sacramento), and Denise/nieceola (flying in from NY)!!!

I had the honor and privilege of bonding with these lovely ladies over the past couple of years as our moms battled this disease. We formed a sisterhood of sorts as we have so much in common, are the same ages, etc, etc.

We exchanged pictures this week so we can recognize each other and let me tell you, those ladies are gorgeous!!!! Men will be following and I will be the short stumpy one amongst them :P

I will return on Sunday and post about the reunion :)






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Those are wonderful fun loving pictures! I love 'em! You girls are all so beautiful! :D:wink:

You know what I see in all four of you? You ALL have such a wonderful great big SMILE! When I see that, it only puts a smile on my face. Thanks girls! :wink:

I can see you all had a great times. YIPPY! Awesome! :D:D:D:D:D:D:D

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Thanks :) It was such an amazing trip, we got along soooo well and it was like we knew each other forever.

Meeting those girls is one of the best things that ever happened to me (although of course we all wish we did not have to meet this way).

Natalie has the straight blonde hair, Andrea B. has the wavier hair, Denise is the brunette, and I have the reddish hair.

I even did karaoke for the first time in my life :)

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Missed this the other day, somehow. I was wondering how the adventure was. Pics are awesome. Glad you all caught fish on the fishing trip :wink: . All of you are just beautiful young women. I remember being young myself :? !


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The trip was great! I can't tell you what it's like to eventually meet these girls face to face. There's just an unspoken bond that was made over the years and I finally feel somewhat whole after meeting them! While in Seattle, we went to the Music Emporium. We had to opportunity of creating our own band. We called ourselves "Making Mama Proud". I don't think our record will make the radio circuit, but it was great to play make believe! haha.

Katie and Rick, without this website, I would never have had the opportunity to meet these wonderful women. Being an only child, it's nice to have the support of people that I can relate to. Without this website, I would have gone through all the difficult times feeling so alone. Thank you!!

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