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10 Actions People with Lung Cancer Can Take........

Connie B

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10 Actions People with Lung Cancer Can Take in Their Fight for Recovery

1. Stay in the Moment. Sometimes people with cancer have trouble seeing past current challenges and project worst-case scenarios on the future. Because no one has a crystal ball, it makes sense to focus our energies on resolving today’s problems. At the same time, it can be helpful to make plans for the future. The process of making plans and setting goals can be a positive experience.

2. Help others understand what you need. Be open with friends and family about how you want them to treat you. Most people want to help, but they often don’t know how. Give them specific examples. Although some people may not be able to overcome their anxiety about your illness, most will respond positively.

3. Do what you enjoy. If you are still able to participate in activities you enjoyed before the diagnosis, keep doing them. Ask your friends to help you stay involved and not isolated. At the same time, give yourself permission to be alone when you need to be.

4. Retain as much control of your life as is reasonable. If you’re feeling that you’ve lost control to health professionals, loved ones, or even the disease itself, list things you are feeling less control over and decide what is realistic for you to take back. Even the simplest things can help enhance your feelings of control.

5. Evoke the relaxation response. The relaxation response is a calm, controlled physical state that may enhance the immune system for a period of time. Achieving this state can be easy to do, can take very little time, and has no unpleasant side effects. The more you practice relaxation, the easier it becomes. Consider joining a relaxation or meditation program in your community.

6. Steer clear of negative words in relation to the illness. Words like “victim” and “fatal disease” leave little room for anything but despair. Language can be a powerful tool in helping to retain feelings of hope, control, and wellness. Why not use more hopeful words, such as “survivor” or “victor”?

7. Acknowledge your feelings. Although research shows that pleasant emotions can enhance the immune system (and unpleasant emotions may suppress it), there’s no need to try to be positive all the time. The cancer experience can trigger many strong emotions. The healthiest thing you can do is to find constructive ways to express the emotions you feel (e.g., through talking, physical activity or creative pursuits)—and not to suppress those feelings.

8. Become partners with your doctor. Your doctor will be looking for cues about how you want to receive information, make decisions, and learn more about lung cancer and its treatment. Discuss these matters with your doctor. If you have tried and cannot develop a satisfactory relationship with your doctor, consider finding another one.

9. Spend time with other cancer patients. People with cancer often find a sense of comfort in communicating with others who share their cancer experiences, in person, online or on the telephone. If there is not a cancer support group in your area, you might be able to connect with other people who have lung cancer through your doctor or nurse, through TWC, ALCASE, or CancerCare or other organizations listed in the Resources section of this booklet.

10. You can hope for many things. Hope is not only desirable but often reasonable. There are millions of people in the world today for whom cancer is just a memory; every type of cancer has some recovery rate. Remember that hope can take many forms. If physical recovery becomes unlikely, one can hope for spiritual or emotional recovery. People who find something that gives them hope often do better emotionally with whatever challenges lie ahead. Talk with your doctor about what gives you hope and what you hope for, now and in the future.

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Thank you Connie. Those were all good. But I have more... :)

Pick up some chocolate and/or roses for yourself when you go to the store.

Get a cat and pet him every night.

Visit a beach and fly a kite.

Buy those toys you've always wanted but thought you couldn't afford.


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Guest Kaylei

Embrace as many simple pleasures as possible. I'm making this a priority in my life now. The joy of cooking a good meal, the aroma, the taste, the pleasure of sharing it with family. Or when I want it, I'll not hesitate to spend the money and have a massage or a pedicure if it gives me pleasure. I wear my best perfume every day because it makes me feel good. I don't hesitate anymore about indulging in pleasures that bring my life joy. It has actually added an element of playfulness because I'm having fun being a "pleasure-seeker". And always the process ends with putting me in a state of gratitude.

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Before I received the dx I was always reluctant to spend any money on myself. I saved for retirement or so I would have something to pass on to my son. A few months ago I treated myself to a one hour massage. Since that time I have continued to have a massage a couple of times a month and do not feel the least bit guilty about the money I am investing in my mental well being because after many years of working and worrying I finally realize that I am worth it. And now this conversation has convinced me to toss out the dusty, dirty mini blinds and go out and buy myself some curtains. Thanks to you Lily I am going to go shopping this weekend. :lol:

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Apreciate all the little things that we have arround... before I used to care on how I look, today I still care but..there is nothing better that a good plate of food.... siting outside looking at the skys with a glass of wine. Enjoing every second that I can with my kids & my 2 grandkids... Life is to short and before we probablly did not know.Thanks Connie for start this subject.

hugs & prayers for all of us

:lol: bucky

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I will just reiterate that having pets is important. One of my most favorite things is to come home and to go through the greeting ritual with my cats.

Acknowledging your feelings is a good one. I have been dealing with situational depression a little bit. I was just sitting letting my feelings come as they would and I felt some anguish and grief. Then it occurred to me that my depression is just a way to dampen down deeper feelings of sadness, anger, whatever.

My situation has improved and I feel fine now.

Don M

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