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Getting to Know You - May 25


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We all have it!! Well maybe not all but some of us do, and when you do:

What's Causing Your Kitchen Clutter?

  • Cabinets are too small/outdated
    Refrigerator is too small
    Not enough work space
    Kitchen serves too many purposes
    Other :

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Most people have a junk drawer but I don't have enough drawers so I have a junk cabinet and oh my gosh what a pain that has become :shock: I also don't have a dishwasher so my dishes get backed up quite often :roll: That is probably the only thing I would change about my house other than being a renter I would love to buy it!

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No doubt about it, the mail and all the junk the kids throw on the counter when they open their backpacks. I swear it takes me all day to clean the counter, and then the kids come home and it's a mess again.

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Junk, junk and more junk. We both (Richard's worse than I am) bring it in and drop it on the first flat surface which is the far side of the island........I couldn't use it to cook if I needed to, there's never room!

Will it be any better in the next house I wonder?


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Hahahaha...Geri? Probably won't be any better in the new house...I went from NO counter space to HUGE counter space...and it's buried! We drop it all, too. :roll:

My kitchen clutter is due to everything being piled on the counters...including the laundry that I never seem to get around to folding!

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