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New Addition!


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Cookieman is such a soft touch...we've been talking about getting our little Cookie a puppy because she's alone all day... We stopped at PetSmart just to take a peek...

Cookie has a puppy now. We're not sure if we're going to keep the name the "little one" came with or not, but we have a grown up brown dog and a wiggly black one.

Such sweet little girls they are...the puppy has had a rough day and is snoozing away on her bed, ears straight up to not miss anything. Cookie's up on the couch with her head on the arm chasing rabbits in her sleep. The contentment housedawgs display is enviable...

Off to bond with puppy kisses!

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OOHHH!! I love puppies. They have the best smell!!! We just got a new puppy. She's a mix between a Welsh Corgi and Yorkie...We call her a Crgi yorkie. Her name is princess Zelda.

Puppies are great!!

God Bless!!


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