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Getting to Know You - June 22


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Hmmmm...good question!

There has only been one sign that I've seen that truely made me give up some cash (in larger amounts than just some coins I might have) and it said "Why Lie? I want some beer" Mom and I laughed, pulled over, and gave him a $20.

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We don't get people on the street asking

for money in Quebec, forbidden by the


Once I was in the car and a man

came to my window asking for money

for a loaf of bread for his children,

just had done my shopping and had

the bag with some fresh baked bread

beside me, just gave him one loaf

and he hit me in the face with it.......

at least the bread was fresh.


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some guy in FLorida got Shot doing the asking for money cause the person in vehicle thought the woman that man was asking was going to attack her and He was trying to protect her. No money for you!!

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I do not feel guilty at all. To be truthful, I feel if those people have the stamina to stand outside in the heat all day, they could get an honest job. Also I prefer to write a check for charitable donations so I have a record at tax time.

Illegalizing the nuisance of those beggars at major intersections sounds like a good idea to me. They are an unneccessary distraction to drivers.

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No...I donate money to the charity groups those fols could go to for food. The off ramp I take to work ALWAYS has one there (different one each day) I just hate the old "eye contact" thing while I am at the stop light. Do I ignore them? A smile might encourage them to move towards me...

:) Kelly

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No i do not give money to street beggar's. But i have in the past but doubtfull if i would do it anymore unless there was something about them that inspired me to. Remember the late sixties and the Flower Girl's on every street corner??Well i must confess i did buy a flower every now and then but come on they were cute(the flower girl's)and beside's i gave the flower to my wife.....

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