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Prayers for Andrea


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Thank you Paula! You are so sweet. And thank you to everyone for your love and support :)

Here is the game plan: we get to hospital at 8am. Randi is given the inducing drug. Jacob should appear via vaginal delivery. Elizabeth is breach so after Jacob pops out the doctor will reach in and try to turn her. If she can't be turned an emergency c-section will be performed. Labor will take place in the OR room and Randi will have an epidural just in case c-section is needed :)

I of course am getting a little nervous and anxious ;) Generalized anxiety disorder doesn't help at a time like this. hee heee.

It feels just like yesterday I was posting for prayers for my fertility treatments! Time flies :)

It is amazing, the "old timers" have been with me through my wedding, my fertility treatments and miscarriages, my own scares, and my dad's diagnosis. I am so appreciative of everyone here, I cannot articulate how much you all mean :)

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Andrea & Brian,

Know that my prayers are with you, Randi, and the babies . I'm so excited for you. I just know everything will be just fine. Can hardly wait for the BIG news... Yes, Andrea, I've not always posted , but I have been with you through most of this and you and Brian deserve the best... God Be with you , your babies and Randi tomorrow.



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Such an exciting day for you and Brian. I just can't wait for an update and am praying that everything goes picture perfect!!! Lord knows you deserve all the happiness that life can possibly bring and I'm sure these babies will make that happen.

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