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Hi Everyone!


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I am new here. My husband was diagnosed with stage 4 lung cancer in June 2006. He died in December 2006. He tried chemo for over 3 months but it kept spreading. I took care of him until the last 2 weeks, then he signed himself into hospice care. I wish there was more that can be done to help more patients more confortable. He was in a lot of pain everyday. I do miss him, but would not want him to go on and suffer so much.

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Hi Becky

Sorry about your loss. My husband was diagnosed in October and did this March of stage 4 nsclc also. It is very difficult watching and I am the same - being with him and seeing him physically suffer so in the end is very difficult and I would not want him to go on in that way. He is pain free now even though we here still feel the pain. Take care and treat each day as new. Heather

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Hello Becky,

Sorry for your loss,

many people find that

the pain of losing a

loved one is so hard

that all we can say is

''Now he won't hurt anymore''

so we are the one with the

pain after they are gone.

Take care.


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HI Becky, and welcome.

I too lost my husband in May of this year, he fought stage 4 for 2 plus years.

I agree with you as his suffering and pain was , at times unbearable to watch.

I think he is now free, and I am in the awfull place right now, hope I soon get over that.

Good luck


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