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Bills first post to share with everyone


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Still kinda blue about this tonite and though this may help some of us out here. A little insight into bware21 whao is known affectionately as Billw teris Husband. HTis makes me smile and hope it helps everyone else out some.


Mon Nov 20, 2006 12:08 pm Post subject: Howdy Doody

So, I've been diagnosed with SCLC, which came as no surprise considering the symptoms. Now, had I been single my response to this wonderful news would have been to throw on a Coldplay CD, put my feet up and smoke myself into oblivion with a beaming smile on my face. Think I'm kidding? I'm not.

But damn it, I have a responsibility to all the people in my life that actually care about me -- so the pathetic scenario mentioned above will have to go to hell. Instead, I had no option but to enter the realm of my worst nightmare and stare reality in the face. So here I am in what I can only describe as a medical maelstrom ... but heck, at least I'm getting treatment. But will the treatment work? Who the hell knows. What I do know is that by opting for treatment I'm flying on a little more than just a wing and a prayer.

Thanks to my wife, Teri, who has taken on the mammoth task of organizing everything on my behalf --I couldn't organize the alphabet -- I'm now on my my second round of chemotherapy and, get this ... still alive and kicking. However, I have to say I'm not sure if it's worse having this disease or being a spouse/sister/brother/etc. who has to live with it. I guess none of us will really know the answer to that question, but my hat's off to all those out there who are in my wife's position.

Never lose sight of the fact that anything is beatable, regardless of what the doctors may say ... and from my own personal experience, I have to conclude that some of these doctors need to go back to school

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Thank you Randy.

Bill's passing was difficult for me cause my Bill too has SCLC and reading your excerpt from his posts really has helped this morning. It's funny how some people just pop up bigger than life and you fall in love with them. That's how it was for me with TeriW and Bill. Getting up in the morning, after prayers, this is the first website I go to to see who, what, when or why people have posted. TeriW and Bill just had a way with words that melted my heart. There are many, many others here too that I love and I don't have any clue what this whole journey would be like if I hadn't had this wonderful website.

Thanks again Randy. You are my shining light this morning.

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Bless your heart! You're ever so thoughtful. One of my tasks is to somehow dig through and copy all of Bill's posts (at least his big ones) so that I have them. What a surprise to log on here tonight and find that you've lovingly posted his first one.

I had a rough day yesterday -- that horrible void. Today I've been focused on writing his obit, working on the service, etc. In short, I've been "on deadline" for Bill and that has given me strength. My pastor says I shouldn't try to speak at the service. We all (his family) feel we must. Up in our bedroom earlier, I looked around and said, "you must be here, because somehow I have strength and it must be you." He was bigger than life to me -- a true force of nature of which I never want to escape. My biggest cheerleader. The fact that people here were touched by him means so much to me now.

I spoke with Bill's daughter Gemma yesterday about all the love surrounding us. I said that God must provide a way for those who have left us to see what we are doing in their memory and that we are supporting each other. He just must. A Heavenly DVR -- whatever. I pray he can see us. I think he would be proud, as we are so proud of him.

Thank you Randy, from the bottom of my heart.

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TEri use the search and search by author. quick and easy of course if you have not tried it yet. Leave subject blank and type authors name. Prayers and Positive thoughts for ya!!! RandyW

And about speaking at the service, If you feel teh urge go ahead. I did and had everyone crying when igot done. We gave everyone the chance to share a favorite memory, instead of a traditional Eulogy type thing. Was kinda nice that way. Good Luck!!!

Love hugs and peace!!

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