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Dad's MRI


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Hi all,

We just got some great news (finally!). My dad had his MRI yesterday to check the progress on the brain mets. They found that all of the lesions are either shrinking or have resolved. From the report:

"Most of the lesions have essentially resolved. No new lesions are seen. "

Now if only we can get the same results, next week when he gets his PET scan to check on the lungs.

We are celebrating.


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Adrian and Leslie:

That's terrific! In the cancer world, good news for one is good news for many. And what's more, you got the news in time for a weekend of celebration!

Some people avoid celebrating these incremental victories because they don't want to "jinx" something down the road or "push" their luck. At one time I tended to follow that guideline, but no longer. If one remains realistic about the potential stumbling blocks ahead and is ready to take them on without feeling betrayed and abandoned, I say celebrate at every opportunity. Not only is it fun, it's probably therapeutic as well!

Have a good one. Aloha,


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