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Tarceva - fingers

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Ok - dad started on Tarceva - about 2 weeks ago - so far no effects. He said maybe he is getting something on his fingers, instead of acne on his face. Is that possible - is that a sign. I just hate this, and I hate asking my mom (and him) how he is doing and looking for signs of a rash. I'm just so scared that this is not going to work. I've got to find a way to go to the Dr w/ them next time around, but right now I have a meeting that same morning. Urghhhh.

Anyone else have problems w/ their fingers?


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Hi Paula,

Yes, my mom has painful finger nails and toenails. It is like she has little cuts on them that get infected. Can be pretty painful. I tell her that at least it is summer and she can wear sandals. Mom also got the rash but I know there have been people that didn't get the rash and still had success with Tarceva. Hopefully that will be the case for your dad!

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I haven't had a rash on my fingers but any little paper cut or scratch takes forever to heal for me.

Even if your dad doesn't get the rash, it doesn't mean that the drug isn't working for him. Many people have had good results while never getting a rash.

I have my fingers crossed that the tarceva is working it's magic for your dad.


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