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Doc calls the next day


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I thought I posted this but I must not have hit 'submit' duh!!

Anyway ..I told you guys I went for a chest exray on Monday and had to go to the surgeon's to pick up the lastest one which caused me some concern..'gulp'...because they said they needed that for comparison...

I went to the surgeon's to pick it up and then brought it back to where I had my exray done...I told them I wanted them to fax the results ASAP cause I had a appointment with the surgeon on Monday and wanted to make sure the report was in...Anyway ...that was Monday and on Tues my GP ..who knows I am a 'nut case'...called and said the chest exray was A=OK...thank you Jesus...

Kasey...since I got a good report...I peaked at my exray's which is still on my dining room table...and good thing I didn't peak before...cause it still looked 'funky' to me....

Ok kids..just thought I would let you guys know...good reports means lots of hope for everyone...take care and hugs to all...Praying for the cure as alway's....love...Nonni/Pam

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Great News, But like Kasey I keep telling you to keep youy nose away from what you know nothing about! :P:P:P (Hellooooo Can you Hear Me Now?) :lol: Glad you didn't peak! You would have been a basket case and ranting and raving all about something you couldn't read. Maybe try reading a French book, or German book next time you get an X-ray! TEE HEE TEE HEE! Sure now you'll tell me you speak French and German! :lol::lol::wink:

((((((((((((((((HUGS to My BUDDY PAM)))))))))))))))))

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