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Prayers please!


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Well, it is that time. My mom has her scans on Monday and Tuesday. Do to scheduling she has her brain MRI one day and her CT the next.

I thought I was doing well, staying busy and making an effort to not let it be my every thought. It was stated here that it doesn't pay to worry because you can't change it either way.

Instead of fear I quess I have choosen to be crabby. Little things are just riding my nerves! I quess if it's not one emption it is another. Not sure which is best. On this roller coaster emotions can change in a heart beat. That really confuses my husband, who truely trys but is never sure of what my mood will be, and neither do I. :?:?:shock:

Anyway, please say a prayer for my mom. I believe strongly in prayer!

Hey maybe what I need is a drink at the pub, anyone up for it on a SUnday night?????

Prayers to all,


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Hi Dana,

Our husbands should get together. Mine never knows what my mood will be either. I get mad when he shows no affection but then when he tries I don't want him to touch me. :roll:

I,too, am a big believer in prayer. It has gotten me through some tough times. I will pray for good results for your mom.

And sure, I will have a drink with you!


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Your Mom will most definitely get prayers from Orlando and I'll be happy to have a drink with you. Today has been one of those lonely days that I had no where to turn. I can't tell you the number of times I wanted to go to the Pub to pour my heart out, but just couldn't. So instead, I had a few beers and then a glass of wine or two with my cheese and crackers for dinner. Sometimes I wish we could all live in the same neighborhood and see each other when ever we needed to. Blessings to you Dana and your Mom....and, by the way, thanks for listening.

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I'm sending prayers along with my very best wishes for the scans, Dana. And Laurie, I sure do wish we all lived closer together ~ all of us who REALLY get it, ya know? Pub is ALWAYS open.......and for sure someone will always be there to listen.


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