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Update on Husband, Jack


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Biopsy came back as NSCLC Stage 2 with possible Stage 3 because of an enlarged lymph node they aren't sure about at the aortic arch. After meeting with both the oncologist and radation oncologist and hearing his options Jack chose only radiation at this time. Due to his heart issues and circulatory problems he felt that chemo would be too hard on his body. He had his first radiation treatment yesterday and will continue for seven weeks. We are praying for good results from the radiation. We know that the likelihood that it could cure the tumor in his left upper lobe is low, but hey, there is that chance. It can shrink it and put it in remission for a while. When it begins to grow again then his only option will be the chemo. Please pray for good results for him. We know that God can work miracles. The oncologist and radiation oncologist were both very positive that he could have a good result. It's just scary!!!

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I'm so glad you have a plan and it is being implemented, Shirley. That should settle everything down and you both can feel you are being proactive. Radiation can do amazing things to tumors. Mine was actually dead after it!!!!! Good luck and try to remain strong and positive.


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Hi Shirley,

Been thinking about you and was just going to ask you for an update. I am glad he started a treatment and pray the radiation works for him.

Keep that positive attitude as his doc's believes in him and that is a great sign.

Yes, miracles happen all the time It has happened to many of our memebers here. Keep the faith, as faith doesn't get you around trouble it gets you through it.

Keep us posted on his progress.

Hang strong my friend,

Maryanne :wink:

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