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wife has had lung cancer since 4/18/07


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I know what you mean. My husband has lung cancer. Many days I just have the incredible urge to run. Of course, I would never do that, but the urge is there. It is hard to face, but there are many survivors and God gives the strength to get through.

Hang in there and know others are praying for you and are here to support. This is a wonderful site with the most wonderful folks.

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I know how you must feel. I too have sclc and I am just about to be 43 on Sunday. I have not found out yet how the oncologist is going to treat it (I go for my first visit today). But I can tell you that you have come to the right place. The people on this website have been a real blessing to me. They have helped me understand that is alright to be afraid, but most importantly they have shown me that there is HOPE. I will pray for your wife and for you. God Bless you both!!


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Hi Pep,

Yes, you certainly have come to the right place. We are here for you for questions, support and prayers.

When they start a treatment for you wife you both will feel so much better.

This is important as I know how scared you must be as so many of us have walked in your shoes. But what I want to say is LC is NOT a death sentence, Please put that out of your mind. There are so many survivors on here who have what your wife has.

Now of days there are so many treatments out there to help her. If one does not work then they will try another.

Please keep a positive attitude as that will be half her battle. She must fight and not let this monster win!

We are always here for you. You are never alone on here. We know your pain is enormous!

When you have a chance please post a profile on her which will appear on the bottom of your posts so we know what she has and the treatments she is having. You just have to go to Mu Profile and the top of this page and click on that.

Hang strong! We will help you through this.


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Do NOT lose hope. You have come to an amazing place. There is so much hope here. Stay strong and know this disease CAN be beat. I am sorry you had to find us, but I am so glad you did. If you only read stats, it is easy to get down...here you can talk to REAL people who have MADE IT! My dad is one of them, and we are so thankful and blessed.

Blessings to you Pep,


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I thank you all for your support we have 4 children 15 /17/19/20 they are all wanderfull children just got back from the docktor she has two more treatments to go then radiation. i pray every day for her i am disabled do to an auto accident i was in 11/27/06 so it is hard her family gives no support if it wasnt for my father we wouldnt be able to pay for her meds or survive plus i have good insurance but thank all of you and god bless

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Sorry to hear about your wife. I understand how you feel my little sister is going thru this too she is having surgery next friday to remove the upper right lobe. I will be praying for you and your family, this board has really helped me so hang in there with these wonderful people. and read and listen they are a God send for me and my family .

God bless and praying for you wife a good report really soon with all of God's love to you.

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