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Dad finally had his surgery - Updated


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Last Wednessday Dad had a Lobectomy done. 8 days later he is still in ICU. He is having one problem after another. He has an Ileus that is not resolving itself - his meds are making him hallucinate - he is asperating - you name it. That poor man is being sucked out of every cavity he has.

Today we got the pathology results - we were told "there is lymph node involvement" and the doctor said he would discuss "things" with us once Dad is out of the hospital. I will be asking for copies of the path reports tomarrow.

When I was told today that the Ileus was not resolving itself - I asked the doctor what next - his response - "we need two things right now - time and prayers" That hit me hard - I am mentally drained.

He needs all the positive thoughts he can get - so do I :-(

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Prayers for your father and you.

Also why not ask the doctor

to discuss ''things'' while

you father is still in the

hospital.....if it is for a

treatment, they could check his

reactions to it.

Please have everything in hand

before your father gets out of the



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I'm so sorry dad is having these difficulties. I would ask the doc to go over things NOW so when dad is out of ICU and ready there will be a game plan all set. Hopefully this is a temporary setback and you will soon be on the right road to tx and to dad feeling better.


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Dad is now in his 10th day of ICU - the Ileus is finally starting to resolve itself and his frame of mind is comming back. They took him off of all the pain meds since they were making him so loopy.

I spoke with the Doctor yesterday about the results. He told me the lymph nodes were involved. I asked him if it was the lymph nodes in the lung or in the chest. The Doctor looked at me like I had 2 heads - and told me "most" people have no idea there is a difference. Then informed me that it was the nodes in the chest. Not the news I wanted. He said Dad will need chemo and radiation. They do not want to start anything until he has been home for at least 2 weeks. The main concern right now is getting him as strong as they can and getting him home.

Once he is strong enough they will transfer him to rehab. Hopefully that will be soon.

Thanks for all the kind words and prayers.

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