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New to site just saying Hi.


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Thanks Shelly. This site has helped out a lot! :) Today is my mom's 55th birthday and it makes me sick to think that the doctors are saying she won't be here for the 56th....But we are very optimistic and feel that she can beat this. Its very serial how all this takes places you think about your parents being there when you get older I mean you always know that they will not be there some day but I guess I always saw it that I would have kids they would get to see my two other sisters get married and so on...Now this scary "C" word has crept into out life and is trying to change that all. My grandmother was diagnosed about 2 weeks before my mom with stage IV colon cancer. I went one day with cancer never affecting me on a personal level to it consuming my whole life! Well thanks for letting me vent for a second.

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Welcome to the LCSC! Your mom and I have the same type of cancer, as you can see from my profile below.

You have the right idea on statistics. Just keep in mind that the statistics you read about are historical averages (or means or medians) for a large number of patients in the past, and better treatments are available now. Also, these numbers can NOT be applied to a specific individual. Saying that only x-percent of people with a certain diagnosis will be alive in a year is NOT the same as saying that an individual with that particular diagnosis has only an x-percent chance of being alive in a year. Not the same at all! And no matter how dismal the statistics may seem, there are always some who come out on the winning side.

But I think you know that. Please accept my best wishes and Aloha,


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