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I am so sorry :(


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Hey all. I am feeling bad about not being more "on" on the boards these days. For so long I "lived" cancer with my dad. It consumed everything we did. From morning till night, it was cancer that lined every breath we took, every sentence we spoke.

Now, while cancer is starting to take a back seat, (though I still have the slight tapping in my brain that tells me..."No, Jen, don't forget what could be lurking around the corner,") I find myself not being a constant stable force of support for those of you here at LCSC.

I am still here everyday, I just don't post as often. May you be blessed, as we have been, with healing. I think and pray for us all here, everyday. May God give us the patience, strength, and guidance to make it through each day.



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Jen--Don't apologize! I've felt the same way and find myself taking a few days away from the board now that mom is stable. And I TOTALLY understand that little voice in the back of your head--it's in mine too. It's time to live--that's what we've worked so hard for!


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