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Getting to Know You - October 29


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Baking?? What is that? Does it involve that burner thing in my kitchen. I'm going to go with never on my own. Helped Nana a couple times. I have never seen her use a mix, everything is from scratch. Probably because she is 83 and they didn't have mixes when she started. In fact, My b-day cake from her is in my fridge waiting for me when I get home. Chocolate cake with chocolate peanut butter icing. She makes everyone in our family the cake of their choice for their B-day's, and the running joke everytime we eat them is, hey this isn't bad for a box cake. She has ruined me on any other kind of cake. Sorry, you made me ramble, and even though I just ate a huge lunch, I want some cake now.

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Well my neighbors found out that I can cook so I do a lot of that. I always did like to cook for a bunch. The last thing I baked was an apple cake. Before that it was apple cobler. Several of us were given a bag of apples. I made apple cobler with mine and then everyone started giving me their apples :!:

We are having a Halloween Party here in our apartment complex. I am doing a lot of cooking. Today I am making a Mayonaise Cake and tomorrow I will make 2 apple coblers and chile beans and of coarse fried chicken. I made up a costume for myself. Do you want a picture?

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Yes, Lilyjohn, we want a picture! And some of that food. :D

Right now I have fat-free cranberry-orange bread in the oven and the choc. chip cookies are cooling on the counter. Our oldest son will be visiting us for a week, beginning tomorrow. The cookies are from the refrigerated counter and the bread from the baking mixes aisle of the local grocery store. :oops: (Well, at least I'm "buying local." Don't think that's what the phrase means though.)


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