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Getting to Know you - November 16


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Do people in your area have Christmas lights/decorations up already?

I was surprised to see how many people of my neighbors have up some of their decorations already. I never do any Christmas decorating before Thanksgiving is over. But...on the day after Thanksgiving, I'm always dragging everything down from the attic!!!

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No one yet that I've seen. But the day after Thanksgiving, everyone will ahe something out, and they'll all be yelling at me to get to work. I hate putting up lights outside.

Funny one of Colleen's biggest pet peeve's is to see someone in February with their lights still up, and if they're on, foget about it.

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One of my friends has Merry Christmas in her window but that is all I have seen. I can't help but wonder if people decorating early is not a way of standing up for Christmas.

Personally I won't shop anywhere that will not say Merry Christmas to me. I think a lot of people are starting to feel that way. This is not the holiday season coming up but the Christmas Season when we celebrate Christ. I think people are starting to stand up for what we believe more. Being political correct to not offend one group offends a lot more of us.

Some of the early decorations may be to counteract the commercial side of Christmas that has grown so big that the real meaning has been lost. Then again that too could just be more of a "I can beat everyone" or " I have more than my neighbors" kind of thing. Traditionally in my family I always made it the day after Thanksgiving with my tree going up around the second week of December.

I love decorating for Christmas. Each year I look forward to it but this will be the second year that I will not be home for Christmas. I'm so looking forward to being with my family but I sure will miss my home and other (family) here where I live.

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LOL -- I love this question. My brother calls Halloween the beginning of "lawn junk" season that lasts until the last Easter Eggs come off the trees in the Spring! It's non-stop and gets bigger and more tacky every year.

Haven't noticed Christmas lights on yet, but I did see a few fake deer lurking about in my friend's back yard two weeks ago. I cut them some slack because they do it when they can get someone to help them put things out.

At least people can stop turning the lights on after Epiphany. Wondering when the "green" movement will start trouncing people for all the lights at Christmas -- they are low voltage though.

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I've noticed that a few people have started, but no complete displays yet.

I am more perturbed by the people that still have their lights on in February. I have no idea why this bothers me so much but it makes me crazy!

I've threatened to take a scissor to the offenders lights, or leave postcards in their mailboxes from the "Christmas Light Police". So far I've been able to suppress those urges.

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