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Update from Liz13


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Hello everyone. Just got released this afternoon and wanted to update everyone. I have had a few symtoms the last six weeks. Flashy lights, 3 times, numbness at right nostrail down to lower lip and back through tounge. About 1/2 inch wide. Had this 2 time in last six weeks. Only lasted 2-3 minutes and did mention to Doctoer. He thought that met symtoms would not go away. Wensday I got a migraine, which I've only had once in my life, years ago. Called doctor and asked for a MRI, more for eliminating, then beleiving anything was there. Scheduled for Dec. 4th. Thursday and Friday, just felT blaag. Remnites of headache. Staurday morning, another headache, lasts 3 hours, then blaag rest of day. Woke up Sunday feeling great. Went to church. At the end, I found a lizard stuck between the screen and window, so I opened the window to let it excape.

Then God smaked me upside the head. Go to hospital now. Headach came roaring back, mouth went numb and went over to cheek, numbness down thumb and flashy lights. All on right side. Thought I was having a stroke. My paster saw me and insisted on hospital. So I went. Symtoms only lasted 3 minutes and haven't been back since. At hospital they did a CT of the brian and found 3 mets. Was very surprised that I didn't

have more or worse symtoms. Admitted me. Started steriods. Monday I had a bone scan, which came back clean, thank God, and a MRI. The MRI showed 4 mets. 3 on left side and new one on right. The largest is about 3-4 CM. The doctor thinks that they are from last year. That the cancer had gone to the brain before chemo and radiation, but didn't show up in the MRI, because they were too new. I have a PET scan scheduled for Tuesday and I'm keeping my fingures crossed that there is no recurance in the body. I started WBR today and will continue for 15 days. Then I will wait 6 weeks and re MRI. If anything is left, they will probably do Gamma Knife?? Everything is happening so fast. But he thinks he can get a handle on it. Thanks for the prayers and keep them coming. I will keep you updated. Going to go look for info on WBR now. Hugs, Liz

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Fast action on your part was needed,

now the treatment is started and you

should see the progress over time,

the rads keep working after the treatment

is finished.

Will keep prayers going your way while

waiting for more update from you.



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Liz, When God smacks us upside the head, I guess He really wants us to pay attention! I'm so glad you did. I absolutely you are having to deal with the mets, but am glad you did't have to wait any longer. I will be praying that the WBR will kill all those nasty mets Pronto!


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