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Squamous cell carcinoma


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Hello all,

I have just found this site tonight, and I LOVE IT!

It has definitely helped me understand alot about LC. Doc hasnt told us the stage that she has, in fact, I really didnt understand about staging until now. I will definitely ask that question at the next appointment!

My mom was diagnosed about a month ago and will have surgery on Nov. 27th to remove tumor. Although,doc said that her cancer is curable she is at high risk because she of a kidney transplant she received in July 2005. He thinks that surgery is all that she will need, no chemo or radiation.

Has anyone else been in this type of situation of having lc and some kind of transplant? I would love to hear their story.

I have read so many posts of people having to take chemo and/or radiation. Is it common for someone to only have surgery?

thanks in advance for your help.

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Welcome and glad you found us. I don't have any experience with cancer/surgery and a transplant. I do, however, have experience with surgery - twice. My first surgery was in June 2003, UR lung - Stage 1B, squamous cell NSCLC. Surgeon said it was gone - didn't need to do anything more. I decided to check with an oncologist. He recommended adjuvant chemo - 4 treatments, carboplatin and taxol. Wasn't fun, but decided it was probably a good idea. 18 mo. later, a tumor was found in my upper L lung. Did the surgery and chemo thing again. After all this rambling, my point is that if the surgeon says that nothing else is needed, it might be a good idea to see an oncologist anyway.

Good luck to you Mom on the 27th. Let us know how she does.


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Hi, welcome to the group!

It seems that hardly a week goes by that I don't read a post on this board from someone whose cancer recurred a year or two after a surgeon announced "I got it all, you don't need chemo." True, chemo is no picnic, and some people really are cured after an early stage surgery, but current technology does not enable us to know who is and who isn't with certainty. If I were in that position (I'm not, since mine was caught too late), I'd be inclined to push for post-surgery ("adjuvant") chemo if there was any disagreement at all between my surgeon, pulmonologist, and oncologist on the issue. But that's just my opinion, not an established standard of care.

Whenever I hear the phrase "I got it all," I'm reminded of the times I've been driving in an unfamiliar city, asked for directions, and got a complex series of instructions ending with "you can't miss it!"



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Welcome to the site.I think most have follow up chemo or radiation if the patient can take it. I only had chemo and it never made me sick and my quality of life did not change at all. Your mom may not have any reaction to chemo, it may be worth trying. Keep us posted.

Stay positive, :)


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Welcome to the board. They may not wish to damage her kidney with chemo-- ask them. I believe the protocol is anything above a stage 1B adjuvant chemo is recommended. You can ask Dr. West specific treatment questions at onctalk.com. Again, welcome- I am glad you found us.


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Thanks for all that wrote. I will definitely keep everyone posted on mom's status. It is a great feeling knowing there is so many people out there that understands what we are going thru.

I really dont know what to expect after surgery and especially after she gets to come home. It will definitely be a new experience for us.

Thanks again!

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Corrin, I was one of those who had surgery in 2004 upper right lobe removed where the surgeon said I GOT IT ALL, no futher treatment, I never made it 3 years until the beast reappeared. So get all the info you can for mom and keep my story and others in mind cancer cells can be so so small and undetectable at the time of surgery and that cancer did not appear overnite just think about what may be loose in the body waiting to find a place to land again. GOD BLESS

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