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Getting to Know You - November 28


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grandpa got run over by a John Deere!! :lol::lol::lol::lol:

Serious song is WHite christmas cause I can sing that one really well. GReat Bass song for me no high notes

Grandpa got runned over by a John Deere

Walking home from the Moose Lodge Christmas Eve.

Now you can say there's no such thing as Santa,

But after suing John Deere, I believe...

He'd been a-guzzlin' old Jack Daniels

And smokin' that wacky weed-

He mixed it with his medication

And run off with some bleach-blonde named Bernice.

When we found him Christmas mornin'

We thought he had a heart attack.

But he had tar prints on his forehead

And incriminatin' hickies on his neck.



But we're all ashamed of Grandpa.

He took Grandma's death too well.

Started watchin' xxxo movies

And engaging in phone sex with Cousin Belle.

It's a better Christmas without Grandpa

Last year in church, he mooned the choir.

At first, we thought it was Alzheimer's,

But looking back, we realized he was wired.


Yeah, I filed myself a lawsuit

And they awarded me two mil.

You know Grandpa didn't leave me nuthin',

But thanks to that old John Deere, he got killed.

Funny, all my friends and neigh-bras

Turned up on the grand jury,

(laughs) I bribed 'em like Johnny Cochran

Did when they set O.J. Simpson free.


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Randy, thanks so much for sharing the words to this song...LOL ! My best friend's hubby is a John Deere fanatic. I am going to print the words to this song and include it in their Christmas card.

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