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Baby Day is Tommorrow ...If not sooner


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Hoping all my friends here will say a little prayer that all will go well tommorrow when my second grandchild is scheduled to enter this big old world. If DIL doesn't go into labor today, she will be induced at 6:00 am tommorrow. I think you need to also say a prayer for grandma, as I'm keeping Ella while her mom is in the hospital. I have the babysitting routine down to a science after a year but I still have a bit of a problem with bath and bed time. I've "practiced" this 3 times while her mom and dad have been out in the evening. The first time was a breeze but the last two times, she has started to cry while in the tub. The water temp is perfect (according to the ducky thermometer)and things go well for the first 2-3 minutes. Then, she looks at me and cries. I really think she realizes it's bedtime and her mommy and daddy are away. So, if anyone has any advice...please chime in here. I'll let everyone know something as soon as I know!!!

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Ann, I've had my grandkids ( 2 girls and a boy) countless times for overnight and weekend visits and when they were toddlers, no matter how great the day was, when bedtime came, so did the tears and they cried for their mommy. I think they feel vulnerable at that time. All I could do was snuggle with them and sing a gentle song. If it's any consolation they do grow out of it and then you can't get them to go to bed because grandma's great and let's them stay up late. Hope all goes well tomorrow and you finally meet your new grandbaby. What a blessing.


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First of all congradulations :!:

One piece of advice that may help. Sing to her while you bathe her. I never had much of a problem with the bath but the head wash was another story. I started singing to them and later they started singing with me. My granddaughter Bridget still remembers all of the songs we sang. Not only did it get us through some rough times but we made some very special memories. In a few months she will granduate and in the fall start college. It is so good to have those special memories when our babies are no longer babies.

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I can't wait to see pictures of your second little one how much joy he or she will add to your life.

As for bath and bed time I only have experiences with

my nieces. One was no problem the younger one always

turned on the drama tears at bed time and cried for

mommy. It was just part of the process. When she was

older I told her they didn't work on me anymore and

she would give up and go to sleep :wink:

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