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my dads new apartment


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Well Dad will sign the lease on his new place on fri. we went to look at it Tues and he decided it would be the right place for him. I think that it will be too and I will feel that he is safer in the new place. I am happy for him really I am but I cant help feeling like it is one more step away from my mom. I miss her so much. I thought that I was ok and finally accepting her death but i guess i never really will be and I'll just learn to deal with it. We still have not touched Moms things and now we have to go through all her stuff and get my dad ready to move by March 1. My sisters and I will be starting that on Sat. so if any of you have any tips on how to get thru this Ill take all the advice you have

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Cheryl, I remember someone suggesting that you Leave a Photo Maybe a copy of the avatar one in the attic. or the Family. They said that it is a way for the spirits to be happy and your souls reconnecting at THAT HOUSE memory wise. And with photo in attic will not likely be found and discarded. Seal in plastic laminate and find a litle hiding spot up there before everyone leaves. This way you will always be "Home" wherever you are...

Prayers and Hugs RandyW

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My advice is: Bring lots of Kleenex because your going to need it. Bring your sense of humor because that's ALWAYS helpful during difficult times. (laughter will pop up HONEST!) This is memory lane time. Ton's of emotions will appear.

I agree 120% with Katie in that know matter what you do with your mom's "STUFF" the most important part of her will ALWAYS be in your heart. Keep her wonderful memory alive and remember all the good times. Talking about it really helps.

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Kleenex and a sense of humor will be important. I did my Mom's house. Since she lived there alone, we (my brothers and I) had to do it all. We donated everything we could to charity--Mom would have liked that--but I saved sentimental things (religious items, yearbooks, etc.)

It was terribly hard--I won't lie. I did much better when my brothers were with me, and we could laugh and joke about things we found, than when I was alone. That was extremely difficult.

Lots of hugs going out to you. This is hard, but you CAN do it.


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I'm a little late in responding to this, so I assume you are elbow-deep going through your mom's things as I write this. I hope that your sisters were able to provide some support for you, and vice versa. I have two sisters and those kinds of tasks would have been so much more difficult without them. I'm in awe of the people on this board that go it alone on these types of things.

All I can say is I know how hard this is. You might find, though, that it's a little easier with your dad in an apartment so those memories in the house aren't so painful. Certainly, letting go of the house is brutal...and I haven't had to do that yet...but I actually find the house very difficult to be in. Just me.

Hang in there, let us know how things went...

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