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Getting to Know You - February 21


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I tried so hard to see the eclipse, but we had such cloudy conditions here last night that seeing the eclipse well was almost impossible. I did get a glimpse of it a couple of times, between clouds.

I always love this kind of thing and have always been an astronomy buff. I still am in complete awe when I stop and think how very far away the sun. moon, stars and planets are from us...yet we can see them.

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My son was very excited about it. He's 14 and loves science and math.. (stuff I'm not real into :oops: )and wanted the WHOLE family to watch this exciting event.

We have been waiting for it all week.. Both my son's (14 and 16) and my daughter (21) and I were out in the yard. We actually went out a few times to watch the shadow and finally the copper glow. The last time we went out we were all standing there looking. An amazing event I thought and I looked at my kids all huddled together (it's cold in PA at night) and thought THIS is an amazing event as well.

Finally my youngest son looked at me and said Whoever said the best things in life are free was right.. and he WAS right.

It amazes me sometimes how I continue to be blessed.

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Bev bought me a telescope for Christmas, as she knew I’ve loved astronomy since I was a kid. We all were out in the yard to watch. The highlight for us was when I focused the telescope on the bright, yellow “star” right next to the Moon. I got such a thrill to hear Bev and my daughters gasp as they peered into the viewfinder and beheld the rings of Saturn. It was the first time I had seen them, too. To see that familiar shape we all know through pictures was so cool.

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