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Kasey & Fred is the PUB OPEN??

Connie B

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Hey Fred and Kasey, How's things? Just thought we've had some GREAT NEWS this week from many of our friends, so I thought it was only fitting to all meet at the PUD for a little celebration and some good laughs and fun with good company.

Hows about a Bloody Mary for me!! Anyone else wish to join in to celebrate our many friends good news??

It's been a long week for some of our friends, TGIF!

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Okay......Fred and I are finally HERE to relieve you, Katie!!!! We've got the tap running and all those nasty lemons ready to hang on the rims of all the glasses :lol: !!!! Bloody Mary's all ready to go. Apple martinis in PITCHERS ready to pour. Margaritias and daquiris too!!! Even Virgin Mary's. Anything anybody wants. And time for the furry critters to join us.

Yep, we are ready to celebrate ghte good news. Ready to bolster anybody who happens to need that too. So let's get started!!!!

We need to kick it all off with a toast of Bud Lite in honor of Frank, of course!

The Management

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Okay Kasey and Fred, lets get this place filled up!

I think we need to toast SandraL, Barbvh, Rich, & Linda(dr_lindac), on the GOOD NEWS they all got this week. I know I might be forgetting someone, but if I did, come on in the PUB and we'll all TOAST to your GOOD NEWS!!!! :wink::wink:

Yep, I still want a Bloody Mary Please!! :D


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Okay I'm in as usual. Get my extra dry Greygoose Martini with extra olives and I will toast all the good news on here.

My first toast goes to our Rich!

I'm actually cat sitting at my daughters she is vacationing in Fla. Hubby is home with our kitty, so here Iam all alone. But loving the quiet...

So I have plenty of time to party at the PUB.

Kasey an Fred, set um up!!


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