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An interesting encounter

Nick C

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I went to assisted living where Keri's 90 y/o grandmother lives on Saturday. She is so with it! Remembers everything.

Anywho she is one of the 4...yes count them...all 4...great grandmothers of our little girl.

Anywho, we walk in and one of the female workers comes right over to me with the baby in the car seat, and says, "how beautiful, wow your mom is so happy I'm sure!"

What a strange comment...I agreed with her and said she is. But then I thought about it. No way MY mother would be old enough to live in this place, all of the residents are well into their 70's and I haven't aged that much...and she didn't say it to Keri...she said it TO ME!

A message maybe? I'll take it.

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